How It Works

The process is straightforward. If you want to hire FIG to improve your own relationship building skills, we will meet to discuss your interests and needs.

If you’re looking to hire FIG as a benefit to your employees (and your bottom line), we’ll talk about what makes someone a good candidate for the program, and help you identify those rising stars within your organization.

Once FIG has performed a needs assessment to evaluate current skill levels, we can then design a program specific to each individual, sign a contract, and get started. All meetings up to this point are complimentary. Our work together can happen wherever is most convenient for you, including in your office so you, or your staff, don’t lose valuable time commuting.

We’ll work one-on- one through the modules, exploring the individualized curriculum that will provide the tools to help you develop deeper, more meaningful relationships with clients and colleagues. If you think FIG’s program sounds like something you’d like to explore for you or your staff, get in touch here.

"Leadership is a way of thinking, a way of acting and, most importantly, a way of communicating." -Simon Sinek

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